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[PhillyOnRails] Philly ALT.NET

**Apologize for the cross-post to anyone who is on the Agile Philly list**

I am starting a new user group that I thought might be of interest to some of the members of Philly On Rails.  I'm not sure if any of you would admit to being closet .NET developers, but even if you aren't, you may be interested to know how we .NET devs deal with things like "Rails envy."  " ALT.NET" is a relatively new term used to describe a segment of the Microsoft .NET developer community that is interested in evolving the .NET platform to incorporate some of the features and philosophies of other platforms and software approaches.  It embraces the strength and power of the platform but asks the question: "Rather than following the prescribed 'Microsoft Way' for developing with .NET, why not get .NET to work the way *we* want to work?"  It's about finding a better way to develop software, and incorporating great ideas from Ruby on Rails, Java, Open Source, Agile, Test Driven Development, etc into our familiar .NET world. 

We have an unabashed appreciation for Ruby and Rails and there are many great projects that
integrate ideas from Ruby and Rails into the .NET platform (the Castle MonoRail project being the most obvious example here).

I've written and referenced a bit more about it on my blog here:

We'd love to have any Ruby-admiring .NET devs lurking on this list, as well as any Rubyists that want to weigh in with their thoughts and repeatedly remind us of what we're missing :)  This is not a Microsoft-driven group, we are focused on creating enjoyable development experiences in whatever platform you work in.  So the topics will be varied, and not always have a .NET coding focus (I'll probably hit up this list for presenters for Ruby on Rails, Rspec, and other topics over time).

Please also contact me directly if you have questions, or are interested in getting involved, presenting, sponsoring, etc. 

[Now back to your regularly scheduled Ruby programming]



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