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[PhillyOnRails] RoR + CSS integration work

Yo PoR,
My name is Nikhil - I'm an undergrad at Penn, and the founder of pre-launch startup, Yo!YouWantTo (brief descption below), which is being built with Ruby on Rails by Nate Bartley who some of you may know through PoR. We're getting close to finishing the backend code as well as the css designs, but neither of us are able to do a really good job in getting the Ruby code working with the frontend design we have, so we're looking for someone with good experience with both Rails and CSS to help us out. Ideally this person would also be really good with Javascript and AJAX too. The budget for this specific project is about $600 - $2000 depending on how much work you pick up. If you think you would good for this work and have time to work on it this week and next week, email me directly at Also, once we get proper funding, we'll be looking to hire some more talented Rails developers in Philly.
About Yo!YouWantTo: We are developing a new social technology that lets people find others in their communities to do things with - from getting lunch to going sky diving - by finishing the sentence "Yo, you want to" with their desired activity (such as "Yo, you want to get a beer at Chaucer's tonight?") People very ferquently have a desire to engange in activities which the people their immediate freinds are not ideal for. So we are aiming to make YoYouWantTo the way that sponatneous and informal social activity gets initiated among acquaintances and people connected to one another through real-life communities. Yo!
Nikhil Nirmel
Class of 2008 | Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania
Concentrations in Information Systems and Managing Electronic Commerce
cell: 646-239-7326 | email:


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