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RE: [PhillyOnRails] [ANN] Emerging Technologies For The Enterprise - March 26th and 27th

Hi everyone, I just subscribed to the list. Been (still kinda) programming
Java/Perl since 2000 and RoR just since November 2006. I'm already
registered for this event (thanks to my company for sending me) so I hope to
meet some of you down in Philly. 

Do you have any mid-day or after hours meetups at this conference?



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Full disclosure - Chariot Solutions, the organizer of the conference,
is my employer.

Join us on March 26th and 27th at Drexel University in Philadelphia as
thought leaders in technologies including AJAX, Ruby-on-Rails, Spring,
Flex, ESBs, Agile and others share their experience and knowledge.
Whether you're interested in the real-life, hands-on challenges and
successes encountered by our speakers as they've developed and
deployed cutting-edge technologies, or you want to deep-dive into one
particular subject, ETE has something for everyone. Architects,
developers, executives, analysts and investors will all find something
to listen to - and talk about - at ETE.

Below is a partial list of speakers and topics.

* Peter Armstrong - Founder, Ruboss Technology Corporation
Topic: Rails on AIR: Best Practices for using Flex 3 and Adobe AIR
with Ruby on Rails 2
* Giles Bowkett - Ruby on Rails Developer
Topic: Code Generation: The Safety Scissors of Metaprogramming
* Obie Fernandez - Ruby on Rails Developer, author of "The Rails Way"
Topic: TBD
* Yehuda Katz - Web Developer, Procore Technologies, author of "Ruby
In Practice"
Topic: Using jQuery to Rapidly Build Rich Internet Applications
* Jeremy McAnally - Ruby on Rails Developer, author of "Mr.
Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book"
Topic: Glueby?  The Why and How of Integration with Ruby
* Chris Wanstrath - Rails Consultant
Topic: The Launch: Bringing a Rails Site to Life

and of course saving the best for last

* Toby DiPasquale (great picture on the ETE site) - Senior Director of
Technology and Chief Architect, Commerce360
Topic: Enter the Elephant: Massively Parallel Computing With Hadoop
* Cliff Moon - Application Developer, Powerset
Topic: ActiveMessaging
* Aaron Mulder - Chief Technology Officer, Chariot Solutions
Topic: TBD

Note that there are only 400 seats available.

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