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[PhillyOnRails] meeting tonight


Just a reminder about our meeting tonight. If you haven't RSVPed, please do so to Everyone is welcome even if you don't RSVP but emailing ahead gets your name on a list for give- aways.

6 PM is the initial meetup for beginners and mentors and who ever else wants to show
7 PM I'll be talking about Merb
8 PM Mike Mangino will be talking about Facebook App development

There's no formal sponsor tonight so nothing extravagant for the food. But I'll bring some munchies for those of us that need to hold out for a late dinner.

Drexel University, Patten Auditorium (Room 109)
Matheson Hall (32nd and Market Streets)

If you can't find it, call my cell phone at 215-292-2193 and I'll do my best to direct you in.

Colin A. Bartlett
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