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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Meeting next Wednesday, May 21st

Sonofagun!  I would totally go to this if Philly ALT.NET wasn't doing their own meeting at Drexel the same night :-/  Been wanting to learn more about both those topics.  Was gonna send to this list, but I'm thinking you guys will be busy!

Our next meeting is coming up, and should be a good one.  We welcome members of the Philly Lambda group to join the conversation about Functional Programming on the .NET framework with the new F# language.

Please RSVP to if you plan on attending.  Your RSVP enters you in the running to win prizes like a books, a Resharper license, and thanks to Dani Diaz at Microsoft, we have a copy each of Office 2007 and Vista to give away.

Intro to F# - Matt Podwysocki
Wednesday, May 21st, 2008
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Drexel University
Rush Building Room 014 (Basement Level)
30 N. 33rd St. (33rd and Cuthbert)
Philadelphia, PA 19104

6:30 PM - Greetings and Eatings
7:00 PM - Intro to F# - Matt Podwysocki
F# - What is all the Hype Around Functional Programming Languages?
A gentle introduction to functional programming in F#, a new first-class language in the .NET space.  We'll discuss high-order functions, partial functions, pattern matching and more.  Learn how you can use F# to express both functional and imperative programming paradigms with ease.

Matt Podwysocki
Matthew Podwysocki is a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services based in Washington DC.  Matthew started his love of computers and languages the day he got his first Commodore 64 and taught himself Basic and Assembly Language in 1984 when he was 7 years old.  From that point on, and the past 10 years professionally, Matthew has been a self described language geek and working with .NET languages since the early Betas in 2001. Languages that currently interest him include Ruby, Scala and F#.

Matthew is actively involved within ALT.NET community having founded a Washington DC ALT.NET User Group, and helping plan regional ALT.NET conferences. He is a member of the CodeBetter community and his blog can be found at

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