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[PhillyOnRails] ANN: Agilephilly: National speaker Robert Martin coming to Agile Philly July 8th

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Extra! Extra! Change of Speakers!   Mark your calendar for July 8th!

Nationally known Speaker "Uncle Bob" Robert Martin is speaking at  the AgilePhilly  July 8th meeting!  We have the unequaled chance to hear him, so we pushed our "Agile has changed me" open discussion to September.

RSVP to mailto:AgilePhillyCoordinators@yahoogroups.com?subject=RSVP:July8:YES

Also, we are no longer meeting at QVC in West Chester, but instead we will be meeting at one of our old haunts Devon Consulting in Wayne (Corporate Park "W" next to the Southeastern Post Office).

And note that the Strafford Train Station is only 1 mile away.

So for those avoiding spending money on gas and coming out by train, and anyone willing to pick them up, let us know at mailto:AgilePhillyCoordinators@yahoogroups.com 

Anyone willing to help, just check the AgilePhillyCoordinators site http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/agilephillycoordinators   In fact, many of us are curious if commuting by rail could make our lives easier, so I expect some side conversations.

Besides thanking Joel Adams of Devon Consulting for being our host this month, I want to point out that his Scrum User's Handbook is available for download from our recommended reading list page on the wiki  http://www.agilephilly.com/Agile%20Book%20Recommendations.ashx under the "Local Authors" section.

And of course, there are directions to Devon Consulting on the wiki.

And speaking of the Wiki, if your company has taken advantage of the Job Board on the Wiki at http://www.AgilePhilly.com, please keep it current … take off old postings, put up fresh ones, or just update the current postings.  We all appreciate these going onto the Job Board rather than clutter up the listserv, but if not current, they are not useful.

Any questions or comments, tell us at mailto:AgilePhillyCoordinators@yahoogroups.com 

Summary of Agile Philly Upcoming Meetings:

August 5th  Agile Maturity Model at RTTS  Downtown

September 2nd or 9th  How Agile has changed my world – Lightning Talks of 15 minutes followed by open discussion.

October 7th CCAD – Our experience with Scrum

Nov 5th Jim York on Scrum, CHOP offices in the Wanamaker Bldg, downtown Philly

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