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[PhillyOnRails] [ADV/ANN] Upcoming Rails training in Edison, NJ

Hi --

Just to let everyone know that I've got two Rails training courses
coming up, both at the training facilities of Exceed Education in
Edison, NJ:

  Intro to Ruby on Rails, July 21-24
  Advancing With Rails, August 18-21

There's more info about the courses and registration at
http://www.rubypal.com. I'm also happy to answer any questions.

In particular, if you or any friends or colleagues are well into Rails
and want to develop your skills, "Advancing With Rails" might be just
the thing. The course is based around both the specific curriculum,
and each participant developing an application, with coaching and
feedback, over the four days. It's one of these courses that's a
little different every time, depending on the group, and it's been
very successful.

See some of you there, I hope!


Rails training from David A. Black and Ruby Power and Light:
  Intro to Ruby on Rails  July 21-24      Edison, NJ
  Advancing With Rails    August 18-21    Edison, NJ
See http://www.rubypal.com for details and updates!
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