James E Keenan on 14 Jan 2004 03:39:15 -0000

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Perl Events in NYC Next Week

Coming to NYC for Linux World next week?  If, after a hard day at the 
Javits Center, you feel a need for a Perl break, we have not one, but 
two -- count 'em, two -- Perl events back to back:

1.  January meeting of Perl Seminar New York (our code-oriented 
workshop, which meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month between October 
and May).

Tuesday, January 20, 2004, 6:15 pm
NYPC Users Group
481 8 Ave (Ramada New Yorker hotel)
Suite 1560
between West 34 & 35 Sts, Manhattan

Two presentations:

Main course:  Sal Denaro:  "Net::LDAP"
Appetizer:  Jim Keenan:  "Cookin' with Tom & Nat"

For full description see:

2.  Special technical meeting of New York Perlmongers:  Dan Sugalski's 
Parrot tutorial.

Place:              Morgan Stanley
                       750 7th Ave. (between 49th/50th Sts)
                       New York, NY
Date:               Wed, Jan 21, 2004
Time:              7:00 pm (unless it's not)

In order to get into the building you MUST BRING A PHOTO ID, and check
in with the front desk in the lobby.  If you don't have a photo
ID, building security will not let you in.  Refreshments will be served. 
 Thanks to Phil Moore and Morgan Stanley IT for making this site 

Jim Keenan

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