Wilson, Douglas on 17 Jan 2004 02:10:19 -0000

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RE: Perl call tree utility

> Trying this on Win32, I first downloaded B::Utils from CPAN and 
> successfully installed it.  I then placed Calltree.pm in the following

> directory:  C:/Perl/usr/lib   (which is where I install all modules
> installed through a makefile-type process).

>   Can't locate object method "STASH" via package "B::SPECIAL" (perhaps

> you forgot to load "B::SPECIAL"?) at C:/Perl/usr/lib/Calltree.pm line 
> 97.
> INIT failed--call queue aborted.

I installed B::Utils on AIX, worked fine. Installed it (via ppm) on
Windows, got the same error. According to the B perldocs, 'STASH' is one
of the B::GV methods (though B::GV is not an explicitly loaded package).

(on AIX, I have perl 5.6.1, on Windows it's 5.8.0).

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