Walt Mankowski on 21 Jan 2004 20:02:50 -0000

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Fwd: Perl position in Philadelphia

Seems like the market must be picking up a bit, since I've been
hearing from lots of head hunters lately.

Anyhow, she asked nicely so I'm forwarding this to the list.


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Subject: Perl position in Philadelphia
To: waltman@pobox.com
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From: crussell@analysts.com
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 14:55:46 -0500

Hi Walt:

I got your email address from the Philadelphia Perl mongers site.

I was wondering if you have any way of notifying members of a new position
available in the Philly metro area?

We are looking for a Perl developer with object oriented experience,
preferably with some Java, CGI, Oracle, shell programming, and Apache SQL
programmming for Perl (DBD/DBI).

Can you help me?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Carolyn Russell
Analysts International
800/669-2772 ext. 984
eFax:  1-925-888-3025

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