Walt Mankowski on 23 Jan 2004 02:03:32 -0000

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Reminder: Tech Talk Monday Night -- Intro to Ruby

Just a reminder that our next technical meeting will be this coming
Monday night, January 26.  I'll be doing this month's talk,
"Introduction to Ruby".  Ruby is a relatively new and very interesting
scripting language out of Japan which is having a lot of influence on
the design of Perl 6.  This will be pretty much the same talk I gave
at PLUG back in November, so if you already saw that one you might be
a little bored. :)

As usual we'll be meeting at ISI at 7 PM, and then we'll go out for
dinner somewhere in the vicinity afterwards.  This is the last tech
talk we have on the schedule, so if anyone has a talk they'd like to
give, please let me know.

ISI folks, could someone make sure we have the room scheduled?  Also,
does that PC in the front of the room have a net connection?



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