Gay, Jerry on 26 Jan 2004 21:14:36 -0000

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RE: perl DBI question

whoa, silly me. you do have a hash reference.

have you dumped the hash reference to make sure the value for the 'some' key
is defined?

    use Data::Dumper; $Data::Dumper::Indent= 1;
    print Dumper $hash; exit;

might help.

then again... since the variable is tied, it might be the cause of the
problem. you say assigning the value to a temp variable causes the problem
to disappear, but accessing the value doesn't work.

you might be able to create an anonymous temp variable to get around it,
something like:

    my $quoted= $dbh->quote( ${ \$hash->{'some'} } );

but i'd be surprised if i'm not wrong ;)

DBI has been used so often, by so many, that if there's a bug in the quoting
function when using tied variables, i'd expect it's been discovered and
fixed already. but it's probably worth it to have a look at the source for
quote, as phil suggested.


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> From: Malcolm []
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> Subject: Re: perl DBI question
> On Monday 26 Jan 2004 3:50 pm, Gay, Jerry wrote:
> > > my $quoted = $dbh->quote($hash->{'some'});
> > here, you're using $hash as a reference to a hash. instead, try:
> > my $quoted= $dbh->quote( $hash{some} );
> That doesn't work. There's no %hash defined (as I have "use 
> strict", it 
> doesn't even compile). 
> Technically
>  my $hash = {'some'=>'data'};
> is actually closer to:
> sub get_session
> {
>   tie %session, 'Apache::Session::MySQL', $sessionId,
>   {
>      'Handle'     => $dbh,
>      'LockHandle' => $dbh,
>    };
>    return \%session;
> };
> my $session = get_session();
> but I don't think the simplification changes anything.
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