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Perl Seminar NY Tuesday Feb 17 Agenda

Should you be travelling west from Long Island or northeast from 
Philadelphia on Tuesday:

Perl Seminar NY February meeting

481 8 Ave (Ramada New Yorker hotel)
Suite 1560
between West 34 & 35 Sts, Manhattan

Tuesday, February 17, 2004, 6:15 pm

Perrin Harkins:  "Efficient Sharing of Data among Processes"

Whether it's for building a cache of frequently used data or storing the
state of user sessions on the server, choosing the right tool for
efficient sharing of data can be tricky and most of the time it is done
with a mix of anecdotal evidence and guesswork.

This talk examines a number of different options for sharing data that
are available on CPAN, from IPC::Shareable to Cache::Cache, and presents
performance metrics for various levels of concurrent access and mixes of
reading and writing. It also covers relative ease of installation and
use. Attendees will learn how to choose the right tool for their own


Ted Kharitonov:  "Test Driven Development"

Test Driven Development (TDD) improves the quality of development
cycle, reduces number of bugs, and provides you with detailed design
specification for your application.  In this presentation you get to
learn about TDD and how to use Test::More and Mock objects to write
automated tests in Perl.

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