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Re: perl DBI question

On Tuesday 27 January 2004 11:07 am, Gay, Jerry wrote:

Just to follow up on this...

> actually, what it does is force the tied variable to be converted to scalar
> context before it's passed to DBI's quote subroutine. apparently, quote
> doesn't play nicely with tied scalars, but it works just fine (no surprise)
> with non-magic scalars.

It appeared to be just the DBD:MySQL module that had the problem.

> why don't you write up an RT ticket on CPAN, or mail the dbi mailing list
> with the details. i'm sure they'll appreciate a small test recreating the
> behavior.

I did. It is apparently fixed in the latest version. 

Which means I now have to upgrade and remove all my work arounds. Ah well. :)

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