Walt Mankowski on 25 Feb 2004 03:06:45 -0000

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ANNOUNCE: Dinner Meeting at New Wave Cafe, Monday March 1

Our next dinner meeting will be this coming Monday, March 1, at the
New Wave Cafe[1].  The New Wave is a few blocks south of South St. at
3rd and Catherine.  I've only ever had drinks there, but everyone I
know who's eaten there says the food is excellent.  As usual we'll
meet at 7 PM.

Sorry for the delay in scheduling this.  I was trying to get ahold of
the person who suggested it to make sure he could make it, but he
hasn't been answering my emails.  John, my apologies, and I hope
you'll be able to join us.


1. http://www.newwavecafe.com/

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