John Douglas Porter on 2 Mar 2004 14:10:09 -0000

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Re: pattern finding problem

"Aaron J. Mackey" <> wrote:
> Within a given biosequence with length X, find substrings of min. 
> length A and max. length B that contain the pattern P at least C
> times  but no more than D times.
> A more concrete example: Find all substrings 12 characters long
> (A = B = 12) that have at least 7 (C = 7, D = 12 implictly) 'I'
> or 'L' characters (P = [IL]) in it.

It make a HUGE difference in the complexity of the problem
whether by "pattern" you mean only character classes, as in
the example.  Is that a simplifying assumption we can make?

John Douglas Porter

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