Bryan Allen on 21 Apr 2004 15:26:06 -0000

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Re: Sys admin position open

On Apr 21, 2004, at 10:23 AM, Mark Jason Dominus wrote:
where I work, at Information Systems and Computing at the University
of Pennsylvania.  They would prefer someone who is able to administer
both Unix and Windows systems, but they will settle for someone who
can only do one of those if they are sufficiently qualified.

I've got quite a bit of experience with UNIX (Primarily Linux and the BSDs, with a smattering of commercial UNIX as well) and Windows, though I haven't admin'd Windows in a couple years.

I'm currently working for a print company in Jersey, but live in Center City. I've been wanting to get a sysadmin job in the city for a couple years now. I spent a year working in a high school district and pretty much loved it. A few of my friends work at Drexel (netadmin, netsec) and I dig the Uni environment.

Drop me a note with a resume if you're interested.

What does the position entail?

Drop me an email or call my cell (484 994 6751).


Bryan Allen

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