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[scottp@dd.com.au: [pm_groups] OSDC - Open Source Developers' Conference - Call for Papers]

Because, you know, there can never be enough Perl conferences in
faraway exotic places.  Even if you can't make it to Melbourne in
December, their site is worth checking out if for no other reason than
to see their mascot -- it looks like the unholy offspring of Stitch
and a koala.


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Hi Perl Mongers of the World.

I understand that many of you are still setting up your web and mail 
servers. But when they are all well, would you mind forwarding this on 
to your groups please.



G'day Perl Mongers,

The first Australian OSDC (Open Source Developers' Conference) will be
held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December 2004 at Monash University,
Caulfield in Melbourne.

The conference is being organised by the Melbourne Perl Mongers and will
be a YAPC-style grass roots conference for developers organised and
presented by developers, aiming to promote open source development in

OSDC will be a great opportunity for Open Source devotees to attend an
affordable conference where the main focus is software development.
Companies and other organisations will find the conference an ideal
avenue for providing professional development for staff, identifying
partners and promoting their services.

Planning for the first conference stream: "YAPC - Yet Another Perl
Conference" is well progressed, and other conference streams are in the

Our OSDC/YAPC call for papers is out and we would like to see
Open Source Developers from all around the world presenting.

The Call for Papers can be found at:

The important dates are:
	Proposals deadline:	28th June 2004
	Proposals acceptance:	29th July 2004
	Submission deadline:	20th September 2004
	Review results:		8th October 2004
	Proceedings version:	8th November 2004
	Conference:		1st - 3rd December 2004

We look forward to receiving your proposals.

	Jacinta Richardson  -- OSDC Programme Chair
	Scott Penrose -- OSDC Chairman

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