Geoffrey Young on 7 Jul 2004 21:31:29 -0000

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Re: YAPC 2005 at University of Delaware

Walt Mankowski wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 08:49:31AM -0400, Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>hi all
>>just for fun, attached is the proposal I sent in last year for Delaware -
>>hopefully it answers some of the questions that are popping up.  I suspect
>>that this year's proposal would look about the same.
>>if people think it sounds attractive, walt suggested we have a technical
>>meet there.  how about monday, july 12 - nachos at the deer park?
> July 12 sounds good.  You meant a *social* meet, right? 

yeah :)

> Do you just
> want to meet at The Deer Park at 7?

that sounds fine to me, but I have a car...

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