James Keenan on 15 Nov 2004 03:42:06 -0000

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In case you're in New York City on Tuesday night, check out Perl Seminar NY. Our November 16 meeting will feature a talk by Marc Prewitt on CPAN module Text::Template, whose author is Mark Jason Dominus. Marc P. has provided this description:

"Template modules help generate letters, build HTML pages and perform 'mail merge' functionality. Most template modules invent a special language for substitutions, formatting and looping. Text::Template templates are programmed in perl, a language you already know and love. This talk explains how Text::Template works and some of the pros and cons of using it."

Have you used Text::Template? If so, bring examples of how you have used it to the meeting and we'll discuss them after Marc makes the main presentation.

As always we will meet at:
NYPC User Group
481 8 Avenue (Ramada New Yorker hotel)
Suite 1560
between 34th & 35th Sts, Manhattan, right near Penn Station
Tuesday, November 16, 6:15-8:15 pm

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