Gerard Lim on 11 May 2005 03:38:25 -0000

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Yet Another Perl Conference final details

Hi everyone...

There have been some recent developments on the YAPC::NA front,
and it has been suggested to us that a reminder might be helpful
to some people, so here's a quick summary of the event.


    YAPC::NA 2005 (Yet Another Perl Conference, North America)
    in Toronto, Canada, Monday - Wednesday 27 - 29, June 2005

    Home page:

    Conference Location:
                          A facility of the University of Toronto

Normally registration information would come first, but
accommodations are the bottleneck -- our main group reservation
(at the conference hotel) expires at the end of the week, and as
the conference approaches it will be extremely difficult to find
a hotel anywhere in the city.

Info on how to book at:


Register now! :-)  We are on track to break attendance records
at YAPC::NA this year, and we could even sell out before the
conference starts.  The price for the full 3 days is USD$85.
We keep it insanely low through many generous sponsorships
and the all-volunteer organizational and speaking crews.

Registration info:

Direct registration link:

Conference Speaking Schedule

We've got an excellent selection of talks and speakers for Perl
programmers of all levels, beginner through expert.  We are
fortunate enough to have presentations coming from some of the
most recognizable names in Perl programming today, including
Larry Wall, Chip Salzenberg, Dan Sugalski, Autrijus Tang and
brian d foy.

Summary --

Day 1   --
Day 2   --
Day 3   --

Lightning Talks
These short (5 minutes each) talks, presented by the conference
attendees, are a YAPC tradition.  If you're interested please
read more about them and sign up:

[ This message was sent by Gerard Lim <> on
  behalf of the YAPC::NA 2005 Conference organizing committee
  of the Toronto Perl Mongers.  Thanks for your patience and
  support. ]

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