Walt Mankowski on 3 Jun 2005 12:10:55 -0000

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June Meetings

Spring term at Drexel just ended for me last night, which means my
evenings should be free until September.  In celebration, I thought
I'd announce some meetings for this month.

We haven't gotten together in ages, so how about if we meet this
Monday, June 6, at Nodding Head Brewpub?  We go there a lot so
probably most people know where it is, but in case you've forgotten,
it's at 1516 Sansom St., on the second floor about Sansom Street
Oyster House.  As usual we'll gather in the general vicinity of the
bar around 7, then get a table for dinner when we seem to have a

Also, YAPC's coming up the end of this month.  I'll be giving a talk
this year based on some research I did at Drexel a few months ago
entitled "Using Graph Theory to Detect Security Policy Violators".
I'd like to get in a practice talk before YAPC, but of course I
haven't written the talk yet so it'll have to be later on this month.
So let's set aside June 20 as YAPC practice talk day.  My talk should
only be about 20 minutes, so there'll be plenty of time if anyone else
wants to do a talk.  (I think that was only Geoff Young, but I might
have missed other people.)

I've been swamped with work the last few months, so I apologize if
I've been less communicative than normal.  A few people have contacted
me off-list about wanting to do talks, and I'm hoping we can get them
scheduled over the summer.


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