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ACM Turing Lecture Tickets

Here's some more information about the Turing Lecture, which Kurt
mentioned in his email last night.  Note that the times given in this
email are different from those on the official website.  The website
has things ending at 7:30, not 8:30.

Irvine Auditorium is the odd-looking octogonal building on the corner
of 34th and Spruce Streets on Penn's Campus.  Wynn Commons isn't
easily visible from the street, but if you just walk around Irvine you
can't miss it.


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Subject: [talks] ACM Turing Lecture Tickets 

The 2005 ACM Turing Award Lecture by Cerf and Kahn will be held at SIGCOMM
(at UPenn, Aug 22).  The Lecture is open to the public but you must
register at the web site below.


I'm contacting you about a very exciting event taking place on Monday,
August 22, 2005, in Philadelphia, PA.  This year's Turing Award winners,
Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn  will be delivering the Turing Lecture at the
ACM SIGCOMM Conference. Their citation reads: "for pioneering work on
internetworking, including the design and implementation of the Internet's
basic communication protocols, TCP/IP, and for inspired leadership in

Since you are in close proximity to the conference, we wanted to
invite you to attend the lecture free-of-charge. You are also invited
to the pre-lecture Reception!  To reserve a ticket to this memorable
event, you'll need to register here:


Please note that space for the lecture is limited and requests will be
fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here's the Turing Lecture Schedule at the Univ. of Pennsylvania:

4:30 - 5:30pm, Reception, Wynn Commons (outside auditorium)
5:30 - 6:00pm, Seating, Irvine Auditorium
6:00- 8:30pm, Turing Lecture

P.S. Should you not be able to make it in person, you even have two
additional options: catch the webcast, see the Turing Lecture site:
or watch it when it's convenient for you - we'll be offering the lecture in
streaming video.

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