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RE: Dave Wheeler wants to give a talk next week

I'll reserve the room for Tuesday evening.  If I recall, we've had some
issues downloading slides off of servers not running on port 80.  Will
Dave be needing internet access?


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On Thu, Sep 08, 2005 at 04:00:46PM -0400, Paul L. Snyder wrote:
> Quoting Walt Mankowski <waltman@pobox.com>:
> > Dave Wheeler will be passing through Philadelphia, and has offered
> > do a talk for us.  He can either talk about Bricolage[1] or object
> > oriented databases[2].  He says he can do either Monday or Tuesday.
> > One issue with Monday is that the Eagles are on Monday Night
> > and that might make our apres-talk dinner more crowded and noisy
> > we'd like.
> > 
> > If you have any preferences for the subject and/or the day, please
> > post them to the list.  I'd like to reach a consensus quickly so
> > can make plans.
> I was going to toss my hat into the ring for Tuesday/OODB, but I just
> realized I'm going to be out of town both days.
> Carry on.  Nothing to see here.

Well, that makes 2 1/2 votes for OODB on Tuesday, and none for
anything else.  So let's do that.

I'll contact Dave and let him know.  Jim, will we be able to get the
room in ISI for Tuesday night?

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