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FW: Job description

Hi --

	Let me know if this is of interest to any of you?


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 Bioinformatics team needs mature, seasoned Web Engineer to utilize Perl,
Web development, SQL and Oracle skills to manipulate and display data in
a fast-paced R&D environment. 
Candidate must be comfortable in a Life Science (R&D) workplace, and
must have demonstrated experience with rigorous web development, data
management and high-throughput computation management. 
This position will involve traditional front-end development, candidates
should possess Web development experience, as well as experience
building APIs. 
ETL experience taking flat-file data from a variety of sources and
loading into Oracle in a distributed computing setting is preferred. 
Data modeling experience is preferred. 
Background with Genomics, BioInformatics, Pharma R&D or some hard
science is a plus. 
Needs to be a self starter with excellent communications skills capable
of working solo or with a team. 
Scientific Background 

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