Eric Roode on 1 Dec 2005 21:38:32 -0000

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ANNC: New version of Time::Format module

Hello perlmongers,

    I have released a new version of Time::Format (and its companion module
Time::Format_XS) to CPAN today.  If you're not familiar with Time::Format, it
provides a very easy, mnemonic way to format times and dates and interpolate
them into strings.

    The major change since v1.00 (September 2004) is that in addition to
formatting epoch time numbers, it now also formats DateTime objects,
Date::Manip strings, and most ISO8601-styled strings.  Also the XS module is a
shade faster.

$_=qq;Jtnr Perlhakr\ ehtoa su;;$pi=atan2(4,4)*4;
$pi=~s,.,,,$&?s:.::s:s:.$::s,$pi*=2, print$&while $_


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