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ANNOUNCE: new CPAN module Regexp::Common::time

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Greetings, Perl Community.

    I am pleased to post a new module, Regexp::Common::time, to

    This is a plug-in module for Regexp::Common.  It provides
out-of-the-box regular expressions for parsing most common date/time
formats, including most ISO-8601 style date/time strings.  Even
better, it allows you to build arbitrarily complex date/time
patterns from strftime's "%" formats, or from Time::Format's
mnemonic formats.  It is also locale-aware. (thus, it can match
month and day names in the language appropriate for the current

    This module is part of a trio of modules for handling conversion
of date data to and from string representations.  Time::Format
makes it easy to convert dates/times into formatted strings;
Regexp::Common::time aids in reading date/time strings; and
Time::Normalize takes the date/time components (from
Regexp::Common::time, for example), checks them for errors, and
transforms them into a standardized representation so you don't
have to.

    These modules don't do computations or other date/time
manipulations; there are excellent modules already on CPAN that do
that.  These modules are for formatted I/O of date/time data... in
just about every imagineable manner.

    Regexp::Common::time is a new module, so of course use it with
caution.  Still, it has a test suite with over 7000 tests in it.
It is reasonably fast, too; the test suite runs in 4 seconds on my
creaky old home computer.  But since it is new and hasn't been
extensively battle-hardened, there may be surprises lurking beneath
the surface.  Bug reports are welcome.

    I have high hopes for this module.  May it be useful to you.

- --
Eric J. Roode

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