Jeff Horwitz on 5 Sep 2007 13:18:25 -0000

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Re: [] Hackathon, Anyone?

On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, James E Keenan wrote:

At YAPC::NA::2007 in Houston, I recall hearing some folks from
Philadelphia and ABE discussing the possibility of organizing a
hackathon sometime in the fall or winter.

Is anyone pursuing this possibility?

i was aggressively pursuing it, and still am. but after looking at the conference and holiday schedules (pittsburgh perl workshop in particular), it made more sense to move it to early 2008, so i haven't been as vocal about it lately.

as for venue, hotels in philly (the city) are just too expensive. there are several affordable places out here on the main line within walking distance of public transportation, so i've been focusing my efforts on researching those hotels. i was going to compile a list and then start calling around to talk about facilities and group rates.

if anyone has ideas, please let me know!

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