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Fwd: Open Source Symposium 2008 Call For Participation

Jeremy organized this summer's YAPC conference in Houston.  He's
clearly a glutton for punishment, so now he's organizing a new open
source conference.


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Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 13:51:18 -0500
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Subject: [pm_groups] Open Source Symposium 2008 Call For Participation


I am pleased to announce the official Call For Participation for the Open
Source Symposium 2008!  http://www.texasoss.org/cfp

The Open Source Symposium invites anyone interested in presenting a topic
about anything open source related to submit a presentation proposal. Since
one of the goals of the symposium is to expose open source to those that may
not be familiar with it, we would like to see submissions related to
introductory material, as well as more advanced topics. The Open Source
Symposium will be April 25-26, at the C J Davidson Conference Center located
on the Angelo State University campus, in San Angelo, Texas. Submission
deadline is December 15th, 2007.

The Open Source Symposium is an inexpensive two-day conference offering
talks on various aspects of open source, such as software, development, and
best practices. Some topics expected to be covered include Ajax, Perl, Ruby,
Ubuntu, MySQL, and Python (the list could go on and on). Through the
generosity of our sponsors and open source community members, we are able to
keep attendance costs low and event quality high.

We are looking for presentations to fill either a 20-minute (preferably)  or
50-minute time slot. If you have an idea for a workshop or tutorial that you
would like to offer and require more time, please feel free to submit your
idea for review (the earlier, the better, as we would need to book an
additional room).

To submit a proposal, please e-mail submissions@texasoss.org with the
following information:
    Your Name
    Your Email
    [optional] Short Bio
    Presentation Title
    Presentation Abstract
    [optional] Links to your presentation

Please visit http://www.texasoss.org/cfp for more information.

Jeremy Fluhmann
Open Source Symposium 2008

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