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[phillymacprog] Using perl to control Mac applications, or, how to be the Dr. Octopus of the Mac!

This coming Saturday at 10:30 am at Cheyney University in the Duckrey Building room 117, our own Rich Morby will explain:

How to use PERL and the Mac::Glue module to control Mac applications, in particular the Address Book application.

He will go over how to load the Mac::Glue modules, how to create "Glues" for different applications, and the code itself that works with address book.

Perl is the Swiss army language of programming languages: there is almost nothing you can't do with it. Being a perl monger is like being Dr. Octopus: you can reach out & grab anything you can see.

But perl is primarily terminal & text oriented, going between perl at the terminal level & the (just luscious) Mac graphical interface is awkward at best. Being able to talk between perl & Mac apps means you can achieve much higher levels of integration: more automation, less typing!

Rich is a great speaker:  this is going to be useful & fun!

I'd like to thank Michael Pigg, last month's speaker, for his great presentation on using Ruby on Rails to build his Getting Things Done database on the iPhone. A great talk & a great discussion! I've started learning Ruby as a result & may talk on it at a future meeting.

The Macintosh Programming SIG [phillymacprog] meets the first Saturday of every month at Cheyney University, room #117 in Duckrey, which is great space: large, wired, & quiet (except for us).

There are directions to Cheyney University on their web page ( ) . If these aren't clear enough, I found it helpful to bring up Google Maps, then put in as your destination "Cheyney University", nothing else.

Once you get to the campus, the Duckrey building is on University Circle. This is near the bottom on Cheyney's campus map ( ). For some reason, their map has north to the right, which is a bit confusing

Any questions, ask me, or Deivy, .

There are also directions on MPSIG's revised web site, .


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