Walt Mankowski on 27 Apr 2008 18:40:10 -0700

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Fwd: Early bird pricing for YAPC::NA 2008 coming to an end

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Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 18:02:34 -0500
From: Joshua McAdams <joshua.mcadams@gmail.com>
To: yapc <yapc@pm.org>, yapc-general@perl.org
Subject: [yapc] Early bird pricing for YAPC::NA 2008 coming to an end

Hello everyone, I just wanted to send out a reminder that the early
bird pricing ($85 USD) is going to be ending with the end of April,
leaving on the full conference price ($100 USD) available.  Please
feel free to spread the word to any of your respective companies or PM
groups to let them know.

The URL for registering for the conference is:

We will be putting out housing information soon for those who want to
stay on-campus for the conference.  Feel free to register now and take
advantage of the discounted conference rate.  You'll be able to add
housing later.

Thanks for your help,
Josh McAdams
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