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[TwinCity PWS 2008] Call for Invitations

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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 09:23:16 +0200
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Subject: [pm_groups] [TwinCity PWS 2008] Call for Invitations

Please forward to your local groups.


The TwinCity Perl Workshop 2008 will take place in Vienna and
Bratislava from November, 7th to 8th.  This Perl Workshop will be an
unique event in several ways as it will be the *100th grassroot Perl
Event* in the history of humankind and also the first Perl event ever
taking place in two national capitals: Bratislava and Vienna!

Vienna.pm has set aside a budget of 1000 EUR to invite speakers to the
Twin City Perl Workshop. If you're not living in Bratislava or Vienna,
won't be funded by your company, but want to attend, please send
e-mail to twincity@rt.useperl.at describing why we should invite you
and how much it will cost to transport you to Vienna and Bratislava!
The deadline for proposals is Sunday 21th Sept. 2008, and we will
decide whom to invite until Wed, 24th Sept.

On Friday, November 7th, Vienna.pm will welcome Perl Hackers from
around the world to Vienna.  The event will continue on Saturday,
November 8th, in Bratislava, hosted by Bratislava.pm.  Each day will
feature talks in the local language (German and Slovak) in the
morning, followed by English talks in the afternoon.  The evenings
will be spent at social events in restaurants near the venues.

On behalf of the TwinCity PWS Organisers
Michael Kröll

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