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REMINDER: "Atypical Types" talk Wednesday night at PLUG

Just a reminder that Mark's talk at PLUG is Wednesday night.

We're long overdue for a meeting ourselves.  Any interest in a meeting
next week?  I can do any night but Monday.  We could do dinner, or if
folks are interested in a tech meeting I could do one of the talks I
did at YAPC or PPW.


On Sun, Nov 09, 2008 at 11:21:58PM -0500, Mark Dominus wrote:
> Caution: Off-topic post that may nevertheless be of some interest.
> Last month I gave a talk, "Atypical Types", at OOPSLA in Nashville.
> On Wednesday December 3rd I'll give (almost) the same talk at the
> Philadelphia Linux Users' Group meeting in West Philadelphia.
> Location:
>         University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
>         600 South 43rd Street
>         http://www.phillylinux.org/locations/usp.html
> Time:
>         The general meeting starts at 7PM.
>         My talk will probably start around 7:45 PM.
> Details about the talk are at:
>         http://blog.plover.com/talk/atypical-types.html
> Very short summary:
>         This talk has nothing whatsoever to do with Perl.
> Short summary:
>         Many of the shortcomings of Java's type system were addressed
>         by the addition of generics to Java 5.0. Java's generic types
>         are a direct outgrowth of research into strong type systems in
>         languages like SML and Haskell. But the powerful, expressive
>         type systems of research languages like Haskell are capable of
>         feats that exceed the dreams of programmers familiar only with
>         mainstream languages.
>         In this talk I give a brief retrospective on the history of
>         type systems and an introduction to the type system of the
>         Haskell language, including a remarkable example where the
>         Haskell type checker diagnoses an infinite loop bug at compile
>         time.
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