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Re: Upcoming hack night

I would be interested in participating depending on details and scheduling.


On 06/27/2010 10:48 AM, Chris Nehren wrote:
> erikh, waltman and I are trying to organize a hack night somewhere in
> the city. It's very loose right now but what we're looking at doing is
> getting a bunch of people together to hack and chat, very likely with
> food and booze tossed in as well.
> Of course, you need more details before signing up. My schedule is open
> except for the 3rd of July and a to-be-announced day during the weekend
> a couple of weeks per month. How's an upcoming Friday evening sound for
> everyone? Maybe the 9th or the 16th starting around 6 and running until
> whenever.
> Given this, can I have a show of hands for who's interested?

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