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On Jul 4, 2010, at 11:47 AM, Gabor Szabo wrote:

> On Sun, Jul 4, 2010 at 3:26 PM, Chris Nehren <> wrote:
>> There's that erikh and I are trying to start.
>> We've not yet had our first meeting yet, but we'll tell you how it
>> goes. The idea is to cast a wide net of tech people in the Philadelphia
>> metro region and then filter those interested in Perl back to the PM
>> group for regular tech meetings. Or, well, that's one of the ideas. My
>> real goal is to take over the world.
> That looks interesting though I could not find a link to the wiki mentioned
> in the text.

Ah, I decided to not set that up but forgot to remove it from the text; thanks for the reminder.

> During YAPC::NA someone (I think from PDX) told me about the weekly
> hacking in a pub they have. I am thinking to start something like that
> in Tel Aviv or near by in a pub.
> Where do you plan to place the meetings?

<chest inflating mode: ON>

Yeah; that's an offshoot of seattle.rb which I (and others) tried to get started with pdx.rb, which Igal soundly rejected until he could make it his idea.

<chest inflating mode: OFF>

I've been talking to the seattle.rb group about their hack nights, which is a famous group in the ruby community because of these events -- some of the more useful/popular code in the ruby community comes from that group, so much so that recruiters drop by and so on. I have no aspirations for something so popular but they are "doing it right" and picking their brain is important. They have given me some great starting points and some encouragement that was totally necessary when dealing with select problems we've encountered so far.

Anyhow, we're trying to work with a local hacker space, Hive76, which has space for 10-15 people and tons of little hacker goodies (whiteboards, arduinos, etc) for people to play with. They're right in line with our goals, which is to remain language agnostic and to "share the love"; sometimes you get others to hack with you, sometimes you hack with others.

Our first meeting is very likely to be next sunday, but we're working out some logistics still. As it progresses I'll be happy to be candid with you off-list about challenges we're running into and so on, if you're interested.

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