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[chris@prather.org: [pm_groups] Perl Oasis 2011]

Oops, sorry I didn't forward this along earlier.  Unfortunately the
deadline for the hotel discount is TODAY, but hey, you've still got a
few hours left.


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Subject: [pm_groups] Perl Oasis 2011

With London Perl Workshop closing up this weekend, I realized So Perl Oasis
2011 (http://www.perloasis.info) is rapidly approaching. It will in
fact be happening
January 15th, 2011, and the deadline for Talk Submissions is December 17th.
Worse yet the deadline for booking the hotel rooms with our discount rate is
December 16th!

The call for speakers is open and we have had some speakers submit talks
already on Catalyst, Moose, Javascript, Template::Zoom, MozRepl. However we
need more! Additionally there will be space for a hackathon on the Sunday
after for people who are interested in getting together and working on a
project or two.

The cost for the workshop is $20 USD for non-students, and $10 for students.

Finally for the first year we are offering the Introduction to Moose corporate
training course on January 14th. This class was developed by Dave Rolsky. It
has been presented several times at YAPC's here and in Europe, as well as at
various Perl Workshops around the country. The cost for this course is $180
USD, which for corporate style training is dirt cheap.

I look forward to seeing as many people as possible come!


(Apologies to those who received multiple copies from my cross posting.)
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