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[chris@prather.org: [pm_groups] Perl Oasis -- Last Day for the Official Call For Speakers]

The call for speakers ends today, but they were about to push back the
deadline for discounted hotel reservations until Monday the 20th.


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Tomorrow (December 17th, 2010) is the last day for the Call for
Speakers for the Perl Oasis Workshop in Orlando. Perl Oasis has
traditionally had a very relaxed and open policy on talks[1] making it
a perfect opportunity for first time speakers, or to try something
new! You can sign up for a talk via the website

Additionally this weekend is the last weekend to register at the venue
for the negotiated room rate. You can register with the hotel by
calling them directly at (866) 716-8105 and letting them know you're
with The Perl Foundation.


[1]: We let Matt Trout give "The Troll the God and the Mountain" for
the first time ever. We're obviously insane or desperate.
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