Chris Nehren on 6 Mar 2011 22:13:00 -0800

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[Philadelphia-pm] New list, new site, meeting reminder

First, I want to give a big thanks to Walt Mankowski and Al Newkirk. Al
has given our Web site a much-needed refresh and redesign, and Walt has
done the necessary work to put this new site live--and has setup our
new mailing list. Thank you both for your hard work in moving things

As we said last month, March's meeting will focus on a newbie
clinic--the idea is to get people interested in Perl brought up to
speed with the current best practices. This includes installing a new,
modern version of Perl and going through some of the recent
developments in Perl technology (mostly CPAN modules but some core
language features as well). I'll be bringing a USB drive with the
current Strawberry Perl release, the 5.12.3 tarball, and a miniCPAN.

However, we do have a backup plan in case we don't get very many
newbies: while Al and Walt did a lot of work on our site, we think we
can improve upon it by integrating the calendar, putting together an
automailer for upcoming meetings, that sort of thing (and we're open to
further ideas along this line, too). I'd also like to plan out further
meetings now that things are coming alive again. If you've got any
suggestions, please present them here or in person tomorrow.

As a reminder, we will be meeting at Levine Hall, 3330 Walnut St., room
307. Please RSVP with me if you plan on attending (and if you're coming
as a new perl hacker or not, so we can get some feeling for what we'll
be doing).

Thanks and best regards,
Chris Nehren
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