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Re: [Philadelphia-pm] Quack And Hack 2012

I'm planning to attend both the Quack & Hack and subsequent Perl Mongers meeting. I'm registered for the former. 
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As the office size is not likely to grow from Sunday to Monday, is registration
also needed for attending Monday's PM meeting?  I'd like to make the weekend
events too, but have conflicts both days..

Nate Smith

On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 05:39:59PM -0400, Walt Mankowski wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 01:14:54PM -0400, Kurt Starsinic wrote:
> > Are we still on for the July 2 meeting, Dr. Mankowski?  - Kurt
> Why yes we are!  Geoff did such a great job sending an announcement to
> the PLUG mailing list that I'm going to take the liberty of just
> copying it below.  Their HQ is out in Paoli, a short walk from the
> Paoli train station.  See for links
> to maps showing its location.
> Walt
> Geoff's email follows...
>   With the PLUG Central meeting cancelled because it is on the holiday
>   and competing with fireworks, obviously you are looking for
>   something else to do next week.  DuckDuckGo is inviting people to
>   the home office in Paoli.  And on Monday will be hosting the monthly
>   meeting of the Philadelphia Perl Mongers.
>   Quack And Hack 2012
>   Welcome to the DuckDuckGo Quack and Hack 2012! This event will
>   introduce you to: a) Perl basics, with a focus on modern and high
>   efficient Perl; and b) DuckDuckHack, our open source platform for
>   contributing instant answers to DuckDuckGo.
>   The event is on Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1. We call it
>   Quack and Hack because on the first day we will present talks
>   (Quack). On the second day we will try to produce some cool
>   DuckDuckHack plugins (Hack). As a hacking alternative you can start
>   working on your own CPAN distribution and we will help you with that
>   process.
>   Additionally, on Friday, June 29 at 6pm, we will have a pre-social
>   event. And on Monday, July 2, the Philadelphia Perl Mongers will
>   hold their meeting, which everyone is welcome to attend.
>   The event is at DuckDuckGo HQ at 20 Paoli Pike, Paoli, PA
>   19301. Sadly our office is not very big, so attendance is limited to
>   30.
>   And most important: no entrance fee and free catering -- all the
>   time to hack without thinking about necessities :)

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