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[Philadelphia-pm] REMINDER: Meeting Monday, Nov. 5 at 7 pm (possible traffic issues)

This is a longer than usual announcement with some last-minute
information about potential traffic issues.  Please read it all if
you're planning on going to Kurt's talk tomorrow.

We will be having a tech meeting tomorrow night, November 5.  Kurt
Starsinic will be talking about Graphite, a highly scalable real-time
graphing system.

We'll be meeting in our usual location -- room 307 Levine Hall, 3333
Walnut St. on Penn's campus.  We may be losing this spot after this
month, so if you have any other potential meeting locations please let
us know.

Our meetings normally run from 7-9 PM.  Our normal schedule runs
something like this:

7-8  Chat and Perl Q&A.
8-9  Presentation
9-?  Dinner

However, that will NOT be our schedule this month.  We're going to
skip the Q&A portion of the meeting and change the agenda to:

7-8  Presentation
8-?  Dinner

This is to accommodate Perl project lead Ricardo Signes, who will be
joining us tomorrow night.  Ricardo lives in Bethlehem, and he needs
to catch a bus home from 30th St. Station no later than 9:30.

Oh, and to make tomorrow even more fun, I just learned that Bill
Clinton will be speaking at a pre-election rally right across the
street from Levine Hall at the Palestra at 5 PM Monday afternoon.
Hopefully that will be over long before our meeting, but there's a
chance that there might be traffic and parking restrictions in the
area that will linger until 7:00.  I'll post updates tomorrow if I
hear any further information.

Darian -- how early will we be able to get into the room tomorrow?
I'll be coming directly from Drexel so I can be there early if


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