Brian Duggan on 6 Dec 2016 07:51:33 -0800

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[Philadelphia-pm] Monday Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Hope you can make it on Monday for our usual meeting.  The logistics:

	Date: Monday, December 12
  Time: 6 pm
  Location: PromptWorks, 1211 Chestnut Street, Suite 400
  Dinner to follow

This month Jim Keenan is coming down from NYC to talk about applications
of "multisection" to the Perl 5 source code.  Here's a description
of the topic from Jim:

	Code bisection is a developer's tool customarily used to identify the 
	single point in a series of commits when the code's behavior changed.

	* A test started to fail.

	* A test started to pass.

	* Code that was previously working started to crash.

	In each case, you traverse the commit tree and pose a question which can 
	be answered in a Boolean manner:  true/false, yes/no, pass/fail.

	But what happens when you discover that your code has failed in 
	multiple, different ways over the course of many commits?

	In that case, *how* something failed becomes more important than 
	simply *that* something failed.  You may need to capture the complete 
	output of the testing process for human examination.  You need a tool 
	for "multiple bisection" -- or, for short, "multisection."

	In this presentation, Jim Keenan will present a use case for 
	multisection and a Perl-based solution, Devel-Git-MultiBisect, for that 

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