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[PLUG] The TWIN stuff from willows (fwd)

I just couldn't wait till next month to share this:

It doesn't run 32 bit Windose apps, but it is LGPL and it works (from
reports I've heard).  Microsoft: look out we can run your apps now :)
We no longer need to wait for Wine!  Because it's time ...

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>I don't know if anyone has recently taken a look at
>but it seems that the "Canopy group" which is apparently sponsered by Caldera
>has bought willows, and then released their TWIN windows emulation
>libraries under the LGPL.  I tried compiling their stuff, and with a couple
>of minor nits with using bison, it compiled just fine.  It comes
>with a windows emulator program, based on their libs, called "xwin". I ran
>it last night, and it seems to work pretty well.  I even ran MS money 
>on it (something wine could never do).  In addition to being a good
>windoze emulator, it seems to let you write windoze apps under Linux, and
>run them cross platform with no additional changes or even re-compiling...  
>Anybody have a problem with me packing this up?  It certainly appears to 
>work, and the license seems ok.
> -Erik
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