Dystan Hays Studios on Sat, 29 Nov 1997 07:10:52 -0500 (EST)

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Re: [PLUG-ANNOUNCE] Meeting Wed Dec 3rd

Hi Josh,

  Well, I guess it's my turn this week.  Sorry I can't use you in the
audience to ask a question I know the answer to, or something.

                   love,       -- Dad

On Fri, 28 Nov 1997, Chuck Peters wrote:
>                            The Philadelphia Area
>                              Linux User's Group
>                 Posters, Letters, Brochures, Business Plans:
>             Preparing High Quality Typeset Documents Under Linux
>    John Kirk of Dystan Hays Studios will show us examples of the methods
>    he uses for making documents communicate clearly. We will see how to
>    prepare business letters, three-panel brochures, imbedded color
>    graphics, diagrams and graphs and complex tables of information -- all
>    using generally available software under Linux.
>    WHAT: PLUG, Philadelphia Linux User's Group Meeting
>    WHERE: Cyberloft Cafe, 1525 Walnut Street, 2nd floor
>    http://www.cyberloft.com 215-564-4380.
>    For directions see the plug web page at http://plug.nothinbut.net.
>    WHEN: Wednesday December 3, 1997, 7-9PM COST: NONE
>    PLUG, Philadelphia Linux User's Group meets on the first Wednesday of
>    each month.
>    Many thanks to Mostafa Eldefrawy (mostafa@netaxs.com) for providing
>    the space and for staying open an hour later than usual once per month
>    for us!
> Hope to see you there,
> Chuck Peters