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Re: MS Mail.

On Fri, 12 Feb 1999, Kyle Burton wrote:

> I've been using fetchmail to retreive it from the POP port of our
> Exchange server at Roenbluth...
> This is the basic command: 
>   fetchmail -u username -p pop3 server_name_or_ip -K -d 60
> You can do most of this (including putting your password) into
> the fetchmail conf file -- see the manpage for fetchmail for more 
> details.  It's pretty easy as long as they allow you to use POP.

Current versions of Fetchmail are dirt simple to configure with the use of
the Python/Tkinter-based configuration tool that Eric has included with
it.  I didn't remember how to configure it when I decided to start using
it again, saw the tool, and didn't even need to re-read the man page.

> Sending mail should'nt be as much of an issue -- you can dump to the
> exchange machine's SMTP port, or to anyone elses...if you've got a valid
> dns entry, you should be able to use an MTA right from your box...

Using your local MTA is annoying if you have a non-dedicated connection.
You're better off using an SMTP server, as you don't have to maintain your
connection until your MTA has successfully sent the mail.

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