David E. Edwards on Thu, 8 Apr 1999 00:52:18 -0400 (EDT)

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Trade Fair ideas

Thought I'd throw this into the ring as a starters.

My thinking is that it will be great a opportunity to set up
scenarios/demos of what Linux can be used for - both in the home/SOHO -
and in business.

My immediate idea was to set up a demo of IP masquerading in the home
(One ISP link - Mom's computer, Dad's computer and little Johhny/Jenny's
computer all accessing the web at the same time).  Even set the stage to
look like a room in the home, the Internet server being the "old"
486/P75 that was closeted.  Couple this with a HOWTO sheet, or even a
brief presentation.  What about a print/fax server thrown in for good
measure.  Even some kind of multi-player game on the server?? - Boy, one
Yuengling and off I go.  What about pulling in an ISP that supports this
- ATT even has instruction sheets on how to do this with Linux through

What about demo's of the SETI connection. RC5 etc.  Even some miniform
of a Beowolf project.  
You never know who may be excited by these projects, that would normally
not get turned on by Linux.

I think that SHOWING the public what can be done will have a tremendous
impact on their perception of Linux.  Especially if there's "readable"
instructions on how to do these things.  Someone even suggested burning
CD's with a distro. that set up some of the functions named above. 
maybe some form of script that allows the installer to pick and choose
etc. (hey, what about a Plug CD <g>)

Another of my thoughts is this - If some of these ideas take root, then
maybe groups of us can work on them - and have our names associated with
the demo's!! (like - installed by Joe, Fred and Mary!!) 
I mean, it seems to be a great way to get some local recognition - and
for those of us who are trying to make a career out of Linux; it's a
great way to let the local businesses know that there's expertise out
there - locally,   that they can call on for Linux support!!

Too far off base, guys??
Ah well - it IS late! G'night, Y'all!
Dave E.

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