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Re: wet blanket

C. J. Martoff wrote:
> Hi.  Not to be a wet blanket on the great idea for LINUX trade fair
> exhibit on home netowrking. But Thursday 9 April New York Times had
> one full page color ad and one other large display ad for an Intel box to
> allow multiple IP addresses from home, and some M$ (I believe) software
> for same.
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This just shows the impact that the Linux community is having on
Microsoft and Intel.  Also I have read that Microsoft and Intel are in
the process of creating a windows mother board that will cost less than
the current boards that are on the market.  But the problem with these 
will be the same as the problem with win modems is that they will only
be supported by Windows and put the cpu to harder work.  Also Intel is
in the process of making ``thin'' servers like the Corel Net Winder.

Linux has had multiple IP addresses for the last 5 years.  Are you
telling me that it has taken them this long to catch on???

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