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Linux UPS

I'm having a bit of trouble getting my uninterruptible Power supply
organized.  It works well in some cases, but I'm not too clear on what I can
do about a specific problem.  My problem is this.
What if this happens?:
1) Power is lost
2) Message is broadcast informing users of this
3) System runs on battery for some minutes...
4) System begins shutdown sequence.
5) Somewhere in the middle of shutdown, power comes back.
At this point,t he computer continues to shut down and all the users are
left with a halted system that isn't doing jack Is there anything to do in
this eventuality other than go back and reboot the system manually?
I'm right now using a CheckUPS II from BestPower and they have their own
software.  So I'm not using the more common powerd.  ut does it have anyting
to cover this case?

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