Jason Staloff on Sun, 25 Apr 1999 23:18:36 -0400 (EDT)

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major collision, nobody hurt

When I'm using ftp locally, my hub's collision lamp lights up
intermittently. Sometimes it just blinks rapidly, sometimes it's on solid
for a few seconds at a stretch. Overall I think it's lit about half the
time or a little less. However, the speed of the transfer is nice and fast,
and the collisions don't seem to impede it.

The setup: Mandrake 5.3 on a P200; MacOS 8.5.1 on a G3/300 with an
excellent new ftp client called Transmit; and my $33 hub which is not the
fanciest but has never given me any problems. The cabling is all pretty new
and correctly wired. The hub is also uplinked to another hub with very
little activity on it, and an ISDN router lives on the lan but is not
configured to do anything but go outside to fetch non-local resources.

So, is this collision thing as abnormal as it looks? What could be causing it?


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