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Re: [Plug] how would you do a report off of an SQL database ?

I would:

Install DBD and DBI to get to my data.
Install PDFlib (www.pdflib.com) and integrate into PERL as per directions.
Install Adobe acrobat reader into my browsers.
Write CGI scripts that read data from database and output PDF files
Throw in some of the postscript plotting tools for graphs, etc


Use PERL, DBI and DBD as above
Install MS's Word Viewer into my browsers
Write CGI scripts that read data from database and output RTF files

Both options will create  attractive documents formatted like a word
processor within the browser window and print identically to local printers

Darxus wrote:

> As you know, I work in a microsoft environment.  But there are Linux
> possibilities around here.  One of the things I do is real pretty reports
> off of an SQL database, using ms access.  How would you do the equivalent
> under Linux ?  I'm not talking about plaintext stuff I could do w/
> straight perl, I'm talking about graphical stuff, nicely laid out, with
> charts & stuff (which is admitedly rather easy in ms access, when it
> works).
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