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Re: [Plug] Athlon migration problems

Stuff to salvage or save:

    ISA Modem (but why have a 14.4 modem?)
    PCI Video Card
    All disk drives ide and SCSI
    PCI NE2000 NIC

New Stuff:
    ATX Motherboard
    If you get a MB without SCSI, PCI SCSI Controller
    I've had success with Creative Esonic Audio PCI Sound Card
    PC100 SDRAM DIMM memory
    ATX Case


AMD Site http://www1.amd.com/athlon/mbl/index/1,1503,,00.html
         http://www1.amd.com/athlon has a lot of info about building
             a Athlon system.

Concerning Motherboards:
    See http://tccomputers.com for pricing of motherboards or any other     
vendor you feel comfortable with.  I would suggest buying a mother 	     board 
with built in SCSI covering everything from SCSI2 to              UltraSCSI.  I
also question getting a Athalon and a slot A               motherboard.  I
question AMD corp not utilizing existing                 motherboards and
forcing the motherboard manufacturers to create a       new motherboard just to
satisfy the AMD Athelon chip.  Now if Intel 	    starts utilizing the A slot
design then I would go with that choice.

    At the present time there are only 4 manufacturers that AMD             
recomends for motherboards.  ASUS not being one of them.  I like the 
    idea of a 200mhz bus, but I think that the technology is too new to     
risk for one of my clients.  (Remember the F00F bug and the divide       error
in the Pentiume)  All of these boards are at release 1.0 with
    the exception being FIC SD11 which is at 1.6.

Specific Mother Boards:
    FIC SD11	

	100 Mhz bus (not the 200 Mhz) that the slot A controller can
	handle!  Their site says that they only have plans to upgrade 
	to 133 Mhz

	No on board SCSI

	1 Serial, 2 USB, 1 Parallel, 2 Ultra EIDE, 1 PS2 mouse,
	1 PS2 keyboard, 1 AGP, 5 PCI, 1 ISA (shared & mfg option)	

    Biostar M7MKA

	No mention of the bus speed on their web site

	No on Board SCSI

	2 Bus Master IDE ports, 2 USB ports, 1 FDD, 2 Serial Ports, 
	1 Parallel, 1 AGP, 2 ISA, 5 PCI (1 shared)

    Gigabyte GA-71X

	(Not on their web site)

    Microstar MS-6167
	Unknown link from amd site

I know that I wrote a lot, but I was interested in the Athlon processor myself
and felt that it is a good time to research it.  As I said above, I think it is
a little premature to build an Athlon system at the present time.  It will be
helpful to wait until dual Athlon processor motherboards with SCSI come out.  

Jack Wilkinson wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> my Cyrix 6x86 PR-200MX processor is slowly coming to a halt (the problems
> are becoming endless in addition to its incompatibilities), so I need to
> upgrade.
> I'd really like to get an AMD Athlon 500, but this is causing problems for
> me.
> 1.  I have 72-pin RAM, no getting around that I suppose
> 2.  I have 3 ISA cards in my box, a SB AWE32, a SCSI card for my scanner,
> and my modem.  The motherboards with Slot A architecture that I've found
> have only one ISA slot.
> 3.  My case is AT, no getting around that either it seems.
> Is this kind of forcing me to use a Winmodem or PCI sound card?  My linux
> server in my basement has a PCI scsi interface with 4gb drive (same as this
> system to be upgraded), but I can't think of a way to effectively migrate
> both systems to opposite hard drives.
> For the record, I'll just shout out the rest of my hardware, just in case
> anyone has extra insight:
> IDE 4x/4x/16x CD-RW (Mitsumi)
> IDE 32X CD-ROM (LG electronics)
> 4.2GB ATA hard drive (seagate)
> ATAPI internal ZIP (NEC)
> 3.5" floppy
> NE2000 PCI combo NIC (generic, maybe it's a LinkSys, but I don't think so)
> Diamond Stealth 64 PCI
> SB Awe32
> UMAX generic SCSI card
> 14.4 modem (just for quicken, I use IP Masquerading for net)
> Are there any cost-effective alternatives?  I need to get something soon...
> Thanks in advance,
> Jack
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